Lot of work needed

Well, I’ve given it a thumbs up on Steam, and I stand by that, because of the live weather, the photogrammetry and the live traffic.

But Wow, it really needs a LOT of work to iron stuff out, before it is truly worth the money, and before it is truly a worthy successor to FSX or any of the other sims.

  1. The ATC is a backward step, more disjointed than FSX, and more annoying - who thought it was a good choice to ‘request pushback’, then ‘request pushback to right’, then ‘request stop pushback’. It soon becomes very tedious.
    But the main issue for me is the structure of the sentences, which is worse than FSX was.

  2. The ‘progressive taxi’ (guide lines on the taxiway), is hidden away in the menu - how is this convenient for toggling it on or off while negotiating the taxiways? And who decided it needed to be giant blue chunky arrows like a kids arcade game?

  3. The AI traffic (both live and offline AI) seem to be random in their appearance. Sometimes nothing, and sometimes a stupid number in the air above me.

  4. ‘Speedbird 727, exit the runway when able’ - this was said 5 times, while the aircraft SLOWLY crawled along the runway, passing two exits before taking the third. If any traffic had actually been flowing correctly, there would have been several go arounds needed, or several crashes.

  5. Talking of go arounds, I sat watching while three planes call ‘I’m going missed’ for no apparent reason. Nothing on the runways, nothing anywhere near, and yet they still declared a miss and went on their way back into the air.

All of these things and more, were bad in FSX, but somehow even worse in MSFS.

Sadly, it looks like you have taken the FSX code and fumbled around with it, regurgitating it as 64bit. I long to be wrong about that.

Are we to assume the alpha and beta testers did no testing?
No, more likely, when they reported these things, which I’m sure they must have, NOBODY seems to have paid any attention. I can only hope it is all still being worked on.

I hope these things will be addressed. I gave it a thumbs up, so please don’t turn me into a liar.