Loupedeck CT useage

Great. Thanks a lot. I will try it and let you know.

The profile below I have been using for several weeks now. it doesn’t do everything, but it works well for the knob functions I really need (altitude, airspeed, vertical speed, etc).

I was going to map out each and every function, only to realize that you can basically set your own keyboard shortcuts in FS2020, so my shortcuts may not match yours. Plus, different shortcuts apply to different aircraft.

I fly the citation and king air often, so the autopilot functions are important to have at my fingertips, this helps a TON.

If you load my profile in your loupedeck app and edit the knob functions, you will see how easy it is to set the keyboard shortcuts. So go into FS2020 options, and look at the shortcuts you want, go back to loupdeck config and set the shortcuts in the FS2020 profile. Once you figure it out, you’ll be off.

Setting the custom images is just icing, and doesn’t really matter if you don’t want to be fancy. When I complete my profile, I will upload a new one, but I didn’t want to keep you hanging, because it’s very valuble even in its current state, just for the knobs.

[Loupedeck Profile for FS2020]

This is amazing. Thanks for sharing. I will try it out later today.

I agree that the autopilot is some of the most useful parts of the application with this.

So you just map the loupedeck to a keyboard shortcut and that is it? Sounds great! Thanks again

I cant seem to get this to import. It wants the profile to be a zip file and then an xml it seems (this is what it creates when I export a profile). Am I missing something?

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Which version of Loupedeck software are you running? You will need the latest Loupedeck software.

They have switched from using .zip files, to allowing you to import/export individual profiles. There are also some bug fixes.

Once you upgrade you can import the individual profile.

I’ve updated my Loupedeck CT profile to include several more features, based on the work brockweir did for Loupedeck live (thanks brockweir):

Loupedeck CT:

Loupedeck live:

Loupedeck Live MSFS profile • Flight Simulator 2020

Notes from brockweir (If you don’t have a Loupedeck this is useless to you):

To use: In the Loupedeck Configration software go to Settings (cog wheel), then under Device Settings choose Profile and import the file. It should automatically map to FlightSimulator.exe but you may have to adjust based on your setup (this was for Steam).

Check the comments for some install troubleshooting help.

Current Version has 5 Touchscreen pages, 6 encoder wheel mappings, 3 encoder buttons, and 7 camera & view buttons:

  • Systems Page
    • Alternator Master
    • Avionics Master
    • Battery Master
    • Pitot Heat
    • Reqeust Fuel
    • Fuel Pump
    • Fuel Dump
  • Controls
    • Decrease Flaps
    • Increase Flaps
    • Gear Up/Down
    • Spoilers
    • Tail Wheel Lock
    • Parking Brakes
    • Pushback
    • Water Rudder
  • Lights
    • Beacon
    • NAV
    • Strobes
    • Landing
    • Taxi
    • Interior
    • Flashlight
  • AP & NAV
    • AP Master
    • YD
    • FD
    • Select ALT Bug
    • NAV1 Hold
    • ALT Hold
    • LOC Hold
    • Select HDG Bug
  • Trim
    • Aileron Trim Left
    • Aileron Trim Right
    • Rudder Trim Left
    • Rudder Trim Right
    • Elevator Trim Nose Down
    • Elevator Trim Nose Up
  • Encoder wheels
    • Mixture +/-
      • Button Press: Set Mixture Rich
    • Prop Pitch +/-
      • Button Press: Set Prop Pitch High
    • Throttle +/-
      • Button Press: Cut Throttle
    • Heading +/-
    • Altitude +/-
    • VS +/-
  • Round Buttons
    • 1: Instrument View 1
    • 2: Instrument View 2
    • 3: Cockpit / External View Mode
    • 4: Toggle Drone
    • 5: Select Next POI
    • 6: Next SmartCam Target
    • 7: Reset SmartCam

Issues encountered:

  • The encoder dials need 2-3 clciks to have any effect most of the time. Not sure if we can adjust the sensitivity or use a modifier maybe… open to suggestions :slight_smile:
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fantastic! Thank you

Just my 2 cents, if the soft doesn’t map automatically FS.exe, where I can find the exe with the MS Store version? Even with a search, I cannot find it.
Tanks for your help.

I struggled with that a bit. I found it easier to launch the game and then in louoedeck select it from one of the running programs instead at the top of the list.

Thanks for your answer. I will try asap.

I’ve been trying to get my Loupedeck CT to work with MSFS 2020 for about a week. No luck before or after today’s patch. I’ve used the configs here as well as tried to create my own. The Loupedeck loads the correct profile when I start MSFS, but none of the key commands seem to be heard by MSFS, even when I program them to do something simple like give the letter “N” to open the nav screen. In the keymapper when I press a button on the Loupedeck, MSFS doesn’t recognize any button has been pressed. I have a similar setup in X-Plane and it works flawlessly, so I think it must be something about MSFS being picky.

I have the Steam version of MSFS. Every time I try to create a profile for it, I have to manually give it the path to the program, it doesn’t show up in the list of running programs in Loupedeck. I wonder if this is a sign of part of the problem, but the Loupedeck does load the profile when MSFS is in the foreground, so…?

Did anyone go through anything like this to get it running?

Any chance to get G1000/3000 softkeys and knobs running? (Via Mobiflight or so?)

Very interested in this as just sold small stream deck and considering this or stream deck slip but if this works well and utilises rotary knob then I’m sold.

Does this use simconnect to communicate with msfs or send keypresses. I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a button show altitude, be able to adjust the alt with knob and have new value update in button text.

Looks great work

Follow-up this to see if the people using Loupedeck CT still have success. I use the Store version of MSFS and cannot seem to get Loupedeck to recognize the MSFS .exe (it’s hidden in a WindowsApp folder) even when it’s running, so I ended up adding pages to my Windows profile and had partial success since it remains active with MSFS running, however with the last two patches, having Loupedeck running causes MSFS to CTD anywhere from the loading screen to early minutes of play…

Also had anybody been able to assign a Loupedeck knob to the AP altitude and have it change by the 1000 rather than 100 units?

This is a custom profile for Loupedeck Live consoles for use in MSFS.

(If you don’t have a Loupedeck Live this is useless to you)

To use: Unzip the file, in Loupedeck Configration software go to Settings (cog wheel), then under Device Settings choose Profile and import the file. It should automatically map to FlightSimulator.exe but you may have to adjust based on your setup.

Current Version Has 3 Touchscreen Pages And 6 Encoder Wheel Mappings:
System & Controls
Pitot Heat toggle
Fuel Pump toggle
Set Altimeter
Elevator Trim Nose Up/Down
Avionics Master toggle
Parking Brakes toggle
Pushback toggle

Alternator Master toggle
Battery Master toggle
Interior Light toggle
Flashlight toggle

AP on/off toggle
YD on/off toggle
FD on/off toggle
Heading Bug
Attitude Hold
NAV1 Hold

Encoder wheels
Mixture +/-
Prop Pitch +/-
Throttle +/-
Heading +/-
Altitude +/-
VS +/-

Issues I’ve Encountered:
A couple times during the first trial run the encoder dials stopped responding and then my mouse cursor dissappeared. Seems to have stopped in the version I have uploaded here.
The encoder dials need 2-3 clciks to have any effect most of the time. Not sure if I can adjust the sensitivity or use a modifier maybe. I’m open to suggestions

please visit search on google: loupedeck-live-msfs-profile

Hi and thabk you for your profile.
I have the rpoblem with my loupdeck live that whenever I use the heading bug the heding bug suddenly starts to turn and the FS gets unresponsible. What causes this problem= Do you have the same problems?

Thank you for your help

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I have the same problem with Loupedeck CT.

I’ve got a Loupdeck Live too mainly for work but I’ve tried it in FS2020 and I have the same issue.
Did you by change guys found any solution?

Go here… for a better solution.


Yeah! I’ve found it 10 minutes ago! :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back.