LoupeDeck Live

Hello everyone,

Here is my first project for the LoupeDeck Live that allows you to use both buttons and encoders in MSFS :

This is an ongoing project, there is still a lot to add.
More info here: GitHub - calibx/msfsdeck: MSFS Plugin for LoupeDeck Live


Got one myself. You can use it with Axis And Ohs via its MIDI output to control AP dials etc.

Looks like you are off to a great start. Already have a Streamdeck otherwise I would be looking to pick up one of these as the encoders would always come in handy.

Oh I didn’t realize it could be use in midi … But how do you configure it in MSFS as the LoupeDeck is not listed in the devices ?

The advantage of the plugin is the gathered values but for that it needs FSUIPC

It’s not seen as a device in FS as you know so you’re limited to setting up a config on the Loupedeck as keyboard emulation.
However, Axis And Ohs can see MIDI input and the Loupedeck can output MIDI.

I have a number of volume channels set against the rotary encoders, Axis And Ohs then can map those to simulator events like +/- altitude, heading, trims etc.

The advantage being over other MIDI controllers is that you can have multiple different sets of six encoders to allocate to all the inputs you want across different pages like a Streamdeck.

If you are integrating through FSUIPC though then you’re doing the same with the addition of reading values back in which is great. Will give you’re solution a go since I can see you’re already accessing the same I’m using so makes it a more contained solution.

Have followed you git repo for future updates. Excellent!

Ok, it is a tierce application as FSUIPC

Yes, allows similar back end access to the sim.

Had a quick try but couldn’t get it to work.

Downloaded the zip and FSUIPC7, unzipped the first and installed the second.

First thing, the installation notes say to copy the two .dll’s to the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Loupedeck\Plugins directory. I don’t have a /plugins directory but do have a /plugindata directory. Is this a typo and it should be the later or do I need to create a /plugins directory? I’ve tried both.

If I import the .lp4 file either in the ‘new’ Loupedeck UI or the previous one, it does so under a blank application unless you choose an existing application profile set up for MSFS2020.

Either way, when I start FS, FSUIPC loads as expected and the Loupedeck switches to your profile but all I get on the screen is N/A in every area.

EDIT: Aha! got it to work by putting the two .dll’s in the main install directory where all the others are. Having an odd issue with the auto-profile switch now seeming to work backwards but that’s a Loupedeck thing

Only had a quick try but looks great so far with the AP encoder controls working. Let me know if you have any updates to try out! Excellent.

Many thanks.

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For the plugins directory it’s look like that on my W10 an W11 :
The folder path come from the LoupeDeck site : Distributing the plugin · Loupedeck/LoupedeckPluginSdk4 Wiki (github.com)

If it works in the app folder in your case I will update the install guide in the case of others face the same problem.

You can see the last release content here : Releases · calibx/msfsdeck (github.com)

Have fun !

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Hi @CaliBx!

Your plugin looks great. I’m from Loupedeck and can support you with the SDK & plugin development. Let me know if I can help you, feel free to email me at aki.sysmalainen@loupedeck.com.


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Interesting device! As this is a midi device does anyone know if this works with Spad.next?

It works with Axis And Ohs via midi

Just installed the latest and removed the dlls’s from the application directory and just have them in the plugins directory now. Heh - works fine this time! so not sure what was up previously.

Also, I deleted the existing application profile set to MSFS2020 I had previously and to which I’d imported the .lp4 previously. Just imported it directly and, even though it’s not showing as being related to FS2020 as such, it now gives me access to the plugins controls - I thought they were locked previously since I couldn’t get to them.

Anyway, great job, this way now I can also move things around and add other controls as I wish together with home page links back to my other profiles etc.

Many thanks again.

Good news for the installation !
Next release, I hope tomorow, will use the new plugin delivery system of the UI.
I need some more tests before releasing the version

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New release 0.1.0-rc4 with the plugin system and an icon in LoupeDeck : Release 0.1.0-rc4 : Package improvement · calibx/msfsdeck (github.com)

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Great. Can you just double click on the .lplug4 file for the package installer to do it automatically, rather than through a CMD line? It seems to have created the MSFSPlugins directory in the right place for me and dropped the .dll and .pdb files in there.

Yep, can confirm that works, creates the application with a default profile and gives it the icon. Importing the .lp4 add it as a second profile under the application. Because the profile is now separate from the plugin, I assume it makes upgrading customised profiles easier?.

One question, the AP and Lights folders are effectively locked - I can’t see any way to edit nor re-arrange their contents? Is a folder even a native Loupedeck ‘thing’ or are these effectively workspace links? Either way, could their contents instead be made available outside of the folders so they can be used as required? e.g. could set up workspaces for different aircraft with different requirements.

Many thanks for the continued work!

For the moment the command line seems to be the only way to include plugin. There a plugin menu in the UI but it is grayed out. Maybe a future update of LoupeDeck ?

The folders are way to simplify the config putting only one input but the layout is defined in the plugin.
I will add separate input in the next release.

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