Love it so far!

Ok…I may get a lot of flac on this but hey ! So far I am loving MSFS and slowly getting used to it.

I am not a young guy and was set in my ways with FSX as I had many years to get used to it. So when I first fired up MSFS it was a little confusing but I persevered and it took me a while to work my self around it.

Day by day I am getting the hang of it… some things I obviously miss from FSX but we need to move on as things change. No need to whine. Learn the new things.

To date I have not really had any problems in installing the sim and the update. Everything works as they said. No prob downloading and installing.

At launch ok it does take a little while. But I can live with it.

Over the last 2 weeks I have been getting used to the sim with new controls (set on default joystick and keyboard).

I miss the “Map” view and “spot” view that I could do with my hat buttons.

Cant seem to figure out how to increase simulation rate… Really don’t want to sit around picking my nose for 8 hours on a long flight lol.

Still trying to figure out the IFR landing and how to use “App” to put me on the ILS glide slope.

I am sure it is all there somewhere and part of the fun is trying to figure it all out. Give me another month or so and I am confident I will figure it out.

Ok I know there are some bugs…But hopefully they will be sorted out over time.

Overall I am very happy with this new sim and I feel for the people who have had problems installing and other issues but so far I guess I am fortunate I have not experienced them.

All have fun and be patient and I am sure all your issues will be resolved.

Fyi… having problems with the missus over the last 2 weeks…spending too much time playing this and for some reason she cant understand why I am so excited …LOL…

By the way. I bought the Premium Deluxe version… and I do not want a refund !!

And I love reading the forums as I am finding I am learning a lot from some really helpful posts from members on here. Can anyone tell me how to increase simulation rate ? :slight_smile: lol

Have fun all… and have a really great long weekend !


Glad your experience is turning around :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: i understand how you feel VainerHawk73. Take her on a virtual bush trip and see what she thinks of the beautiful views :stuck_out_tongue:

In regards to speeding up the sim, this article should help.
How to Boost Speed or Slow Down the Rate

glad you’re enjoying the game, wish you many more hours, days, months & years of fun.

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