Love the sim, in the sim

I’m the best looking pilot. LOL!!

Stay safe


We could argue here you versus that cute lady in the red jacket… ah…

Nice work though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nicely done.

That could have gone the other way, and shown us a real life version of those, presumably, soulless white eyed figures. :wink:

Which tools did you use please? It’s come out really good!

The tools I used were Here’s a link to the how to. Slight adjustment to the skin tones make it look better I think and that means I even look better.

How To Get Your Own Face Onto The Pilot - Guide ★ Microsoft FLIGHT SIMULATOR deutsch - YouTube

Stay safe,


Hi Paco572

the result is great

I’m trying to do the same but I’m not achieving the same result, my paint skill are very basic

What about sending you my photo to adapt it to the standard caucasian head ?

To get a better result you can try to take a picture of yourself with light equal on both sides of your face, this will make blending the edges of your face easier. Also since this it a sim/game you can alternatively take a picture of your face similar to mine and slice it right down the middle, 2 halves, toss one side and join it to the other and then you’ll have excellent equal lighting conditions on both sides of you to work with. Study the original and try to blend it like the original. Also, you could also cut the face out of the original, place it on top of yours, moving/sizing it around until your face fits in the whole. You can also during that process do some early color blending to make the whole in the original if you will match your skin tone. Or lighten the original to match your skin tones.

Programs like paint shop pro and adobe offer good tools for blending, such as the stamp tool for example that can take a piece close to where your working an apply else where like a paint brush, perhaps to hide a difficult blend on un wanted line as an example. Find a tool that’s right for you.

Sorry I can’t do your picture, I’m very busy these days. Cheers

Hope that helps you out.