Love this Sim, Odd things that I have found

Hi Everyone
Well first of all I’m having a great time with this
My Travel and findings
I’m using the Icon A5 so I can land on water
South of England looks amazing
Took off from Gatwick towards Brighton
Brighton West Pier seems to be missing?
London took off from Heathrow landed on the River Thames and took a trip towards central London
Cars seem to be traveling over bridges that don’t exist LOL
Got as far as Tower bridge but couldn’t travel underneath it. still cool though
Well onward to the East side of Scotland all looking cool
I was off to Johnshaven landed in a few airports and waterways on the way up great fun
As I know Johnshaven I must admit the terrain was good, but the buildings were not as they really are
Had a few icing up experiences that caused me to crash a few times
Scotland to Lockness to see the monster, very scary flight due to the mountains and poor weather
Iced up again and had to set down in the sea to de ice quite a few times
Scotland to Iceland to see Northern Lights long flight and again icing up a lot but got there OK
Aw No Northern Lights
Iceland to Greenland same again icing up a lot mainly going through clouds so tried to avoid the clouds
Very hairy iced up take off from Greenland heading for Canada AW no Northern Lights
Amazing Dawn and Dusk photo’s
Canada got there eventually froze up a few times getting there
Canada well it’s huge traveled to numerous places to get to Niagra falls
This looks amazing, found the falls but it looked a bit funny from some directions and there were some water level problems looking down what looks like a huge dam very cool though
Left there off to Clevland
I’ll let you know here I’m off to next LOL

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