Loving MSFS20, but miss this from FSX

Hope everyone is good. It’s quite the group here. Anyway, I was thinking about a favorite feature of mine from FSX that I kind of wish was in 2020. As a non IRL pilot, my dad flew the Corsair in the south seas in WWII, and a happy passenger in private GA aircraft…;

In FSX, we could pass a “test” and be able to print out a facsimile of a pilot’s license for VFR, on for IFR, and one for Commercial. That was one major feeling of accomplishment printing out my PPL! No comment on the other possibilities…

Thanks for all the amazing contributions here.


Hey @Redeyesjm,

Use the #self-service:wishlist subcategory to let the dev team know what features you want to be added or improved. Start by searching the category to see if someone has started a topic about your idea. If they have, open the topic and click the vote button to show your support for their idea. If your idea is brand new, then create a topic explaining the feature, include the what and why.

You can view the most wished-for ideas here.