Low Bandwidth, connection error since Update 12

Hi Guys…Update 12 was installed yesterday without any problems. Now whe I start up Flight Sim I get notified I have lkow Bandwith and it is going to Offline Mode. My Internet provider checked my connection and everything is fine. Only changes to my system was the upgrade 12. Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thx, Thomas

I’ve been having the same problem. I’m in Georgia in the US. It started after I installed WU12 on Friday afternoon. I don’t know if that was a coincidence or not. I also have been having problems with other MS stuff too like MS Rewards.

Same problem in Spain

I checked my intrenet speed and I have 850 MB download

I too have this problem every now and then.

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I have the same problem also my ATC goes mute and the terrain doesnt load.

i have the same problem since a couple of days not installed su12 yet. not yet available in the nethertlands

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Since the update mine is doing the same low bandwidth then goes off

I’ve had this quite frequently since SU 11, and SU 12 hasn’t helped much. It’s not my connection (which admittedly is on the slow side) but I’ve seen this happen to streamers mid-stream, and their connection was fine. This has to be a server-side issue, and it’s really annoying how long this issue has been around.

This is getting on my nerves. It was fine this morning but I’ve been trying to do a bush flight for the past 1.5 hours and I keep getting the message every 5 minutes. The connection is perfectly fine, Starlink which reports no outages and bandwidth is also fine. I don’t know what’s got into MSFS tonight…

same issue with me. Connection is okay, but whenever I load into a flight, the very first message is the “low bandwidth” thing. When I switch Bing graphics back on manually (and wait for a few minutes), flight behaves pretty normal. Photogrammetry is off, this is something on the server side. I’ve seen streamers with much better connections than me streaming and having exactly the same problem.

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