Low bandwidth Message - Connection Lost - Switched Offline

Yes I have had the same problem. Ok for a few days then get the low bandwidth message. Bang out straight into X-plane and no problem. Must be MSFS servers.


not getting any messages, but I’ve been plagued with lag, from annoying to paralyzing, that starts up minutes into a flight.

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Hi,I have flown 7 times this week and all 7 times I recieve the text about low bandwidth and having to switch to offline mode for ATC voices.I have 1000mb down and 1000mbs up that costs me a small fortune and this is becoming infuriating.My machine is brand new and state of the art so I just dont know what the problem is,any advice would be recieved gratefully.

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When I had CTDs I switched off DOCP (XMP) for the RAM chips and set them 200MHz lower. Problem solved

But this is a very comprehensive topic that can have multiple causes:

  • overclocking
  • backgroubd services
  • drivers
  • operating tempertures
  • incompatible mods
    Etc etc …

So I suggest searching and reading through the forum.

Are you running over wifi or ethernet?

Have you also checked your network utilization while using the SIM. Just because you have 1G up and down doesn’t mean your system is using it (for whatever reason).

Also what Server are you connected to and what’s the latency?

I know the OP tagged CTD but it appears the issue is actually going offline for ATC with a low bandwidth message.

Is there any way to fix this ? I get switched over to offline mode each time I try to load a flight !

Just recently started to get this too. I have excellent bandwidth so I think it is something with the server. I also lose my scenery when I end a flight and it takes a few seconds to come back after I close the window.

Please tag your post with #pc and/or #xbox.
Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version?
Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
Brief description of the issue:
Whenever I load the simulator, my world map is completely blue. Once I load a flight, all of the textures are choppy squares. It will then tell me my bandwith is too low to run photogrammetry and force me into offline mode. Before it does this, it will also periodically give me a message saying the connection to the game has been lost and to check the forums. I had never had any issues with connectivity up until after installing Sim Update 6. I have emptied the community folder, tried resetting my internet, tried logging in and out of my Xbox Live account, all to no avail. Tested my internet connection and it is working as normal. Sim is basically unplayable with this issue as these dialogs constantly pop up or my scenery turns blue.


Go to your profile page and click on your icon … then come back and tell us what your ping is.

It displays 43ms, on US West, perfectly normal ping

Is that the ping from your profile? if it is then you may have antivirus or firewall problems

Yeah its from the profile. Firewall allows FS through.

Attached images of my ping and the secnery glitch.

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No one else streaming off your wifi or internet, 4k TV etc?

Nope, nothing else is being used right now. There are other connected devices, but there always have been, and it has never been an issue.

Then I haven’t a clue. I guess I would install new. If you back up your Community and Official folders, the sim itself is only 20 odd GBs, failing that I don’t know what to suggest.

Unless a 3rd party mod is causing an issue?

I tried removing all mods from the game and it still happens. Guess I’ll have to reinstall. Is there an easy way to back up the folders? I have them in a seperate path from the steam installation where the .exe resides.

Easiest way to keep both C&O is to rename them and start the download. Pause after the first couple of files have downloaded, delete the two new empty C&O files that the sim has just created and edit UserCfg.opt with the path to your folders (which you should have renamed back). Close and restart the sim it will pickup the download from where it left off.

Thanks, reinstalling it now. About 33gb.

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There will probably be some small updates in content manager too

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