Low bandwith and no bing maps

Does anyone know if there is a problem with the servers? I had this issue a couple of weeks ago then it resolved it seemed to itself a few days later.

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Hey there, @DuckiestStraw0. I believe you can check server status here and here. Xbox Game Services appear to be up and running.

Thanks, I followed the links and the servers appear ok! This is so frustrating as my local internet speed shows I am getting abound Mpps, and I have not made any other changes to my system since I last flew on saturday! Not sure what I can do next :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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that should read 70 Mpps!

I ran multiple flights over the weekend with no issues (for a change) and then yesterday around 17:00 eastern time, the sim would only run at about 12 fps even after multiple reloads. So maybe there was something going on … AGAIN!

Yesterday i had the same… after a 3hr flight suddenly the bing maps and programmatry error… and then the system ctdt 50ft above istanbul airport…smashed (or trashed) my mouse on that.

I have basically the same bandwidth, and I had the stuttering (like a 2 or 3 second pause every 30 seconds) on the 1st bush trip in Italy and have tried loading into the 2nd leg and it is taking forever to load in. I tried turning off the phototelemetry and it is still loading over 1/2 hour.

I have been away for a few days and had hoped the issue would have resolved itself, as has happened before but no such luck! Does anyone know if Asobo have been made aware of this and/or had a response? If not I will pursue as the game is unplayable now.

Ok so after two weeks of not being able to play, as an experiment I installed MSFS Map Enhancement and chose the mt.google.com map server option. After loading the sim it now seems to be working, I can only assume that the issue is linked to the servers and Bing maps! As I test I turned off the Map Enhancement program and the game loaded but with no Bing Map data and other connection issues again. I reverted to the ME using the google map options and it works fine!

If you use the google maps enhancement, when not using it, you need to go into the windows hosts file and change any thing assigned to local host so that you only have the line:


If you have anything else set for localhost in the file it needs to be deleted or the ingame bing maps wont work. This has been discussed over and over again in this thread and others.

Thanks for this, but the issue was that Bing Maps stopped working in the first instance, as has been mentioned by others, so that’s why I tried the ME package using the google maps option, which got the game working again for me. I will only need to revert to Bing Maps if the underlying problem with this and/or the servers is addressed.