Low CPU usage and possible upgrade

Never, ever look at the overall cpu utilization of a modern chip to draw any meaningful conclusion re: MSFS.

Your CPU has a total of 12 cores (8P/4e) and a total of 20 threads.

If you want to know how your CPU is utilized, look at the following data on your computer:

In this example, overall utilization is 28% but some of the cores are working at 100%.
You may find something along the lines of 2 cores maxed out, and the rest working much less when running the sim @DX11. With DX12, the snapshot should differ, with the workload better distributed across several cores.


Always good to have a good hardware but if you’re facing this fps drop only on 3rd party sceneries try this before opening your wallet (does the magic on my almost similar setup):

Clear directx shader cache.
Delete all .dat-files in SceneryIndexes folder.

You could also empty the rolling cache from the in-game menu.

Repeat the procedure every time you install new third party sceneries. Google will help you to learn how to do this.

Also, I’ve noticed that LOD-values over 100 hits performance on my computer especially on highly detailed payware sceneries. This might be solved only by investing to a better GPU.

I will soon have a 28 core Intel Xeon W3275M (56 threads) as an upgrade to my machine (from W3245 16 core 3.2ghz) so I’ll be able to quantify any differences with that.

They both turbo boost to 4.4ghz but the base speeds are different. Everything else is staying the same.

The upgrade wasn’t specifically aimed at Flight Simulator- I just want a maxed out Mac Pro but will be interesting to see what it does.

Meh, I’m about the same. 7800X3D/4080S and DX12/TAA/FG 4K 200/200 yada yada and run about 95% GPU/ 27% CPU, everything runs at normal temps and pumps out glass screen GA aircraft right out to FG 120fps(vsync @ 60hz). I think in DX11 it drops to about 65% GPU(no frame gen obviously).

This is a pretty good tuning video that will help you out. The important part is the METHOD he uses to get the best performance from a particular system. Just ignore the part where he says to enable Anisotropic Filtering in the NCP and not in the game. That’s a complete myth. Otherwise it’s a good approach to tuning.