Low download speed in different city

Hello guys,so i have a very very bad download speed problem…so recently i play FS2020 in Jakarta,Indonesia you can search it on google…when i download the game in that city i was getting 30-35 Mbps with my 40 Mbps internet subscription by IndiHome…one day ( 2 days ago ) i had to reset my PC because,and tomorrow i went to another city in Indonesia,the city called Palu in Sulawesi Tengah,u can search it also…the distance is ± 1,500 KM or 2 hour 20 minutes with a320 in real life…when i get here in Palu,i try to download the game again…ANDDDD the speed is only 3.50 Mbps ( highest ) whatt a shameee…i have more speed than in Jakarta one,i have 50 Mbps subscription from IndiHome too…what should i do guys??

PS : i connected to internet via LAN cable,not wifi…
PS : all of the other download went very good ( steam,origin )

It all depends on everything between you and the server. And that can vary by time, load, etc.
Try a different time of day.

already bro,this happened every time im in this city…