Low FPS and very high CPU usage on one core during approach, after SU5 + Horfix

Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.

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Perfectly good performance during flight, but extremely low FPS and stutters when approaching the airport (even far out when joining Transition/STAR
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Screenshots below
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Just fly to different airports…
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i7-9700K / ASUS STRIX 2080Ti OC / 32GM RAM / NVME M.2 SSD
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Not yet

Perfectly fine performance from departure to finish, but suddenly on approach, even far out from the airport, the stutterfest and performance drop begins. From about 50FPS down to 20-30FPS. Gets even worse after landing, down to 15-20FPS.
After going back to main menu and loading in at the same airport, same weather/time, 50FPS again.

Happens after SU5+Hotfix, using FBW A32NX (latest development version) and experienced at Gaya Simulations LOWW, Vienna and FSDreamteam LFSB, Basel. But it is not related to these airports, it has to do with something going on during beginning of approach phase.

Screenshots below showing a MAXED OUT core on my 8 Core CPU. When the drops happens, lowering settings, disabling traffic or anything else, has NO effect on performance anymore…

Is the fbw a320 fixed yet? It was advised to uninstall it when the hotfix came out as it was not ready.

Yes. But only the development version from the installer. Dont use the others.

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Do you have any other aircraft mods installed? Or sceneries in your community folder?

I have the same CPU at 5Ghz but only a GTX1060 and am getting good performance throughout.

I did have trouble with a few mods but I tracked them down and deleted. All is good now.

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try the same without the fbw,.,i bet its good then, so the cause is again an addon.

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This could absolutely be the case and im fully aware of that. Im just trying to discuss this and find out where and why this happens. Because it does not happen every flight.