Low FPS in cockpit A320 and other planes

I noticed i have low FPS in A320 cockpit and other planes too. If i put external view my fps is OK, but in cockpit they just go down…hope you improve the FPS in overall, hope in the coming Patch comes with FPS improvements…

My pc specs:

i7 - 9700K + 24GB DDR4 + RX 5700 XT 8GB + SSD 1TB

fps in cockpit is usually 30% lower due to all those little lights & numbers changing all the time

Sure, but certainly they can improve the FPS, optimize it more. I saw in the coming Patch, they have Performance improvements, they are talking about FPS in overall?

Use the FPS Boost posted, in the community. you will see a good improvement in cockpit that adjust the refresh timming and improve fps.

Patch is coming soon which should fix or enhance cockpit performance