Low FPS in cockpit view in dev build of FBW A320NX

Anyone else have this problem ? Stable build runs fine but dec build gives bad FPS in cockpit but normal FPS in third person view.

Any solutions other than simply not using the dec build ?

Yes indeed. Once you pan out to an external view, it’s smooth as butter. I think it’s safe to say this is a sim problem, not a FBW problem. Asobo has had their hands tied all day with their weather system causing a performance degradation apparently… I mean, that’s according to them. According to me and most simmers the loss of fps has been going on for months

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The new Experimental version is available now. New features is - improved FPS in cockpit view, LNAV mod, TCAS … etc. If you can’t get it, watch last video of easyjet simpilot.

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Is new FBW Tcas working with AIG traffic control app? /offline tfc, or just only with online ai traffic?

TCAS is working with with online traffic ( vatsim ) but not with AI

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It works with AIG traffic, because AIG traffic controller inserts traffic like vatsim.
(Sorry for this off-topic comment. Let’s check if also the FPS is improved :slight_smile:

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Great news

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I don’t see any aircraft with AIG Tc

I did also some further tests in the meantime.
Unfortunately, only departing traffic is shown in the ND. All aircrafts spawning in the air for approach or enroute are not displayed. But this is an issue of AIG, I guess, because it is the same behaviour with the TAS in the TBM for example.
It would be interesting if you can confirm this.

There is already a discussion about this issue in the AIG forum: