Low fps in handcrafted airports

Hey there,
I get 10-15 fps drops in hand crafted like CDG or Heathrow. My rig is bot the strongest but I do get 25-30fps most of the time including addon sceneries like Vienna. Any tips for settings I can change to improve? It looks like most settings don’t have any effect.

Reduce all the traffic items for a start, it’s a shame but those airports require so much processing that it’s inevitable that things will slow down when you’re near them.

It’s a simple matter of the amount of calculating the pc is doing for all those textures and shadows, particularly if your taxiing and looking left and right.

Aircraft on the ground and airport vehicles were huge fps savers for me. Also make sure you have generic aircraft turned on and that you’re not in multiplayer.


I will give it a try. Thank you both. It’s a shame they did those airports so heavy on the processor. Payware addons work fine with normal fps

I think its just the fact they are highly detailed, large airports, with potentially lots of traffic. The alternative would be to have lower detailed, inaccurate airports.

Although I have to say, I draw the line at modelling the insides of terminal buildings. That’s just silly! :slight_smile:

LOWW is detailed too. So as KMIA. They are not that heavy on the cpu and gpu

No tips given, but these handcrafted airports are suffering from fps even on high end PCs. There are dozens of topics here complaining about it. The best you can do, send a zendesk

Many freeware scenery designers do not use the LOD technology for modeling. That could maybe a reason for the poor performance?! This is one of the most important work steps in game design today…