Low fps on ground after update 6

After update 6 my fps is very low on ground compared to update 5, and in the sky is fine. Same graphic settings as the previous update. Anyone has any idea?

Do you have ORBX Airport Scenery Textures installed? If so there is an update for them for SU6.

Better still, try without add-on’s or Safe Mode.


Hello, thanks for your response.
I don’t have ORBX installed and already tried in safe mode with the default aicrafts, fps seems to be lower on ground than in update V.

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Actually, I meant to say REX ground textures. I have not had your problem so I don’t think it is related to the SU6 update.

Do you have Nvidia Experience running? Installing add-on updates over the top of an existing add-on without first removing the original older version could cause this problem. You could have duplicate files but with different file names. Something to consider. Unfortunately there are just too many variables to consider and everyone’s set-up is different. You will just have to experiment with settings and do the usual things like looking at background processes, running your anti-virus etc, perhaps re-installing your display driver and checking your Windows settings.

I have just had some rubbishy performance using the latest Nvidia display driver, I re-installed the driver and my performance has gone back to normal. I used the standard driver and removed the bloat from it myself. No Nvidia bloat allowed.