Low FPS on High End system Since World Update 4?

This seems to have fixed my issue 100%. I was getting constant CTD, no error message, couldn’t even start a flight. I have tried absolutely everything, even a completely new install.

I can’t believe it, thank you thank you thank you.

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i9 9900kf
32 RAM
RTX 2080ti
double screen 4k + HD
a large part of the settings in ultra and the rest in high

Manhattan is not Paris but we can see that it runs quietly with a good FPS rate (for “only” a small 2080ti)

the FPS rates you indicated clearly show that your settings (and only them) are not good

Now show us in an a320N in Cockpit view


Yup that’s the big problem small planes like tbm I have perfect fps like high 60s without stutters…
And then the big boy comes a320nx micro stutters with 45-50 fost

I mean fps

So i guess we just have to wait for DX12 for the game to be playable then…

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Here’s a tip stop chasing FPS lock you FPS at 30 in nVidia and try it.
Human eye can’t see more then 30 fps.

Your stressing your video card by pushing to 60 fps.

What about those of us that are stuck in the <10 FPS with constant lag, even while in a menu or sitting on the runway?

Each person’s computer is different, I don’t push everything to the limit on mine.
All my settings are default by MSFS did some tweaks but nothing major.
With the A320neo I never get less then 20fps flying online with traffic and real ATC controllers, and outside of dense populated area is a constant 30 fps Most of my setting are on High, some Ultra and I disable Ai traffic I don’t care about real world traffic only traffic flying online on IVAO network.

Unfortunately many of us aren’t as fortunate. I have a high end machine that ran the sim perfectly without a single hiccup prior to WU4. Since the update, it has been completely unusable, regardless of setting. Just sitting on the runway and changing views chokes the sim, trying to open the controls menu to make a change takes 10-20 seconds at best, etc. I’ve reinstalled clean windows and MSFS 2x since WU4 and still have this issue. This isn’t a problem with hardware or settings, this is an issue with the game.

Yeah. Guess soo

Just for example, here is a flight I just tried in a 172, graphics settings on “Low-End”, all online functionality turned off.

You can see the frame stuttering, you can hear the audio cut out a bit, etc.

System Specs:
Intel i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti

Again, MSFS ran without a single issue prior to WU4. Now, it’s unusable.

technically getting stutter from "main thread means your main game thread is too slow. DX11 ist the true bottleneck here.

DX11 loads CPU core really badly so every core after the fist oone just get less and less to do and the main thread need to handle the info for the GPU the Game engine the DX11 com and the 2nd just makes game and DX 11 and the rest only Game so its very likely to get limited by mainthread on olde CPUs

DX12 allows more cores to send info to the GPU and and more equally workload.

yes ik some update really broke the game and i needed to feel this way but DX11 could be the issue here mostly

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Thats True

That will depend on how Asobo codes it.
For it to use multicore that’s s2omething Asobo will have to do themselves.
Dx12 can still be coded to use one thread

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True true …

true yes as they said they improved it so much that DX12 will not have the biggest impact but it can all smooth it out. asobo somehow breaks samething often with an update. every update had some issues even performance.

i switched from my 2600X to a 5600X and now im only GPU Bound on 4k medium preset

edit FPS are 30 to 37

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I see wauww

Today actually this afternoon got very low FPS as low as 5 fps and on approach MSFS crahed, I had a suspension that something was eating up my resources as my nVidia was only running at 15% so after the crash checked for windows updates and sure enough there was Windows 10 update 20H1 so after the update completed everything is back to normal.

SO if you have issues make sure Windows and drivers are up to date.

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Been reading about “NVIDIA FrameView SDK service” worth looking into it.