Low FPS on my system

Hello. I have been playing this game for 3 days and I barely can get 20-22 FPS on medium settings in a rural area, while I’ve seen other people with similar setups get 30 FPS in densely populated cities like New York. I am not sure what is going on or why it’s happening. I have all of my drivers updated to the latest version. Please let me know if it’s any issue with my computer (where I have to upgrade a component) or something else.


Ryzen 5 1500X
GTX 1050ti
32 GB G SKILL Ripjaws Ram
A very fast internet connection (20 mbps download speed)

Do you play in 4k?

If you turn on the developer option (Bottom left of general options) the tool on the top right will tell you what does slow down your framerate (being your CPU or GPU for example).

Which aircraft, which rural area etc?
lots of possible settings and location differences. Other peoples performance is no reference. Too many variable. Main thing is are you enjoying it?

I play on an ultrawide monitor so my resolution is 2560 x 1080. I’ve noticed that the bottleneck is the gpu but I see others have the same exact gpu and they can run it fine. When I first started the game, the game recommended medium settings for me and I went with that and I still am getting 15-20 FPS. I am having fun but I’m getting bad stutters on landing which really screw my landings up in the a320 and that makes it way less fun to play

The rural area that I played around had full photogrammetry data so the buildings were all exactly modeled.

I know this thread is old - are you still having trouble? I know of a variety of options I can talk people through to look at to hopefully improve your performance. I have the sim running fairly good on a relatively min spec PC. Pls feel free to direct message me if you wish.


My sim is running okay. I am averaging about 20 fps most of the time since I fly mostly airliners. I get around 25 fps on GA planes. My settings are medium with volumetric clouds turned to high.

I would still like some help if there is any other way of increasing my FPS. Thanks!

Have you tried decreasing your rendering scale? Otherwise ultrawide is a bit too much for that gpu otherwise nothing much you can do with low end specs except dialing stuff back.

i changed my resolution to 1080p instead of keeping it at ultrawide