LOW FPS only in LEAL - ALicante (Spain) help!

Hello friends,

I have a problem for 2 months now.

On light airports in small towns I get an average of 50-55 FPS (Ibiza LEIB, La Coruña LECO, Madeira LPMA, etc.)

Alicante LEAL in Spain is also a small airport in a small town.

Only at LEAL, I get MAXIMUM 30 FPS…

Even at Paris Orly LFPO I get 45 FPS…

Anyone have this problem too? A support?

I bought the LEAL airport on SimMarket. With the addon and without the addon the FPS are 30 FPS.

I no longer know how to take off and land on LEAL because FPS is too low.

Before Simupdate 9 I had 60 FPS at LEAL.


There are many topics, some with hundreds of votes, about the sim performing worse since SU9. Surely there are some suggestions in there. (such as reduce your settings, because your PC may no longer be fast enough to keep up with the performance degradations of the sim)


30FPS is not low and you should be able to land there …unless you are getting major stutters

This is not a shoot em up game , and 30 FPS while not great is enough for a smooth flight simming experience , lots of people fly with 30 FPS capped , I cap mine at 35 FPS and its generally smooth

Now regarding LEAL , i get about 28 FPS when at Gate after landing , but my frames are smooth ,no stutters on approach and touchdown at 30 FPS , I have the payware version and it is quite frame rate heavy compared to LEIB ,LEPA etc but not really game changing

Hopefully in SU 10 it will improve …who knows

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