Low FPS when flying low and landing, but it goes up when I stop

Is anybody getting a big decrease of FPS when on final approach? Or flying low generally. I have checked and it´s the same independently of the airport. I get around 40-50 FPS (limited by GPU) in the air but when I am overflying the runway it drops to around 20, limited by main thread. The funny thing is that when I stop on the runway, it goes back to 30 or 30 something. This happens mainly in the A320 and other glass cockpits, but there is a noticeable decrease in the other aircraft too.

These are my specs. i7-4790k 2070S 32 GB RAM. No addons. I am playing in a 1920x1200 monitor with a 100Mbps DSL connection. I am playing with a mix of medium-high settings. But I have tried to set everything to the lowest settings (including AI traffic, online things, etc) and I get exactly the same result.

Not sure if this is the expected performance but I find it quite frustrating because during final approach is actually when you need some smooth visuals, in order to have some fine control. In fact, I don´t expect to get 70 FPS everywhere, but at least some consistent numbers, and especially not below 25 FPS. Initially I thought it was happening only in big airports, but it also happens in smaller ones.

Not sure if I shall fill a bug or not. Maybe this is the normal behaviour of the sim?


I also get 30~35 fps in A320 cockpit, sometimes it dropped under 30fps.
My specs:
Ryzen 7 3700x
RTX 3080
32gb RAM

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When taxiing after landing, yes, I lose about 20 fps on average even with ground density settings turned down to 10.

Hand-crafted airports plus Starred scenery surrounding it (i.e., LAX, BOS, etc.) will slam hard on frame rate in landing phase.

At most of the airfields I land at, it’s relatively low impact by virtue of being generated by AI, so the assets are low polygon count.

I fly to a Cay in FL on the Gulf Coast which is a good short-field challenge.There’s a road running perpendicular to the runway right at the threshold. You wouldn’t think a bunch of scripted vehicles (which likely repeat in pattern after a period of observation) running across that road would whack the fps rate, but boy howdy, does it. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I am having the same issue. I go from 30fps to under 15 and sometimes as little as 10fps on approach or coming into a new city. KDFW for example I will get around 30fps on take off but if I fly into kdfw from another airport then my frames will be cut in half on arrival. Very very strange behavior. I’m using a 8700k @5ghz and 1080ti. This behavior for me did not start until the early November updates rolled out.

Yes I started having this issue after the latest update. I always have MSI running to monitor GPU usage and such and i’m noticing now my GPU is not locked at 100% like it used to be. Now its fluctuating all over the place, mostly in larger city areas. Even at cruise its not holding at 100 but not as bad. Its jumping from 50-100% during approach causing FPS to drop in the 10s when the usage drops. Only time i’ve had this issue before was flying into like Miami for example. Now its at most airports that my GPU usage is constantly fluctuating. When it used to be locked at 100%, i would a steady 30+ fps on ultra even in high density areas. This is with a 1080ti FYI.


Welcome to the club :frowning: Same here.


Yep sounds exactly like my experience. And I too have a 1080ti and it water-cooled with a EKWB custom water block and never goes higher than 65c.

Sadly I have the same issues. I7-1080Ti-32Gb… and have trouble running it.

Delete rolling cache and turn off.
apply and save

Traffic > aircraft traffic type - off
land and sea traffic - all off
Data > live-real world air traffic - off
multiplayer - off
apply and save

Next thing you´re going to suggest is to turn off the Sim also?


Tur off for testing purpose :wink:

Also delete all files and folders from community foilder.

Yupp same issue here

Decrease off screen terrain pre-caching settings. Options > general options > graphics
Delete and turn off rolling cache > apply & save

Is this a suggestion or have you tried this yourself?

Exactly mate.

Just landed after a 4-5hr flight and noticed the same thing. Pretty decent hit once I got lower and all the way until parked.

So what settings are you using for offscreen rendering?

That is some very bad advice you handing out.
I hope no one attempts your ‘fixes’.

Internet speed

i9900KF @4.7GHz, RTS 2080 Super Gaming X Trio, 32GB ram.
offscreen pre-cache - high.

It’s hard to know which PC, game settings or tweaks will improve your gaming.

If its hard to know what settings will improve gaming then why are you giving these suggestions without backing them up with any solid finds?

I could tell you to turn all settings to low, it will improve fps…

I dont know why felt like sharing your internet speed either.