Low FPS with DX 12 and DLSS


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Low fps after longer flight, when passing birder to Germany.

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After doing same flight 5 times from for example Spain, Egypt or Turkey to Germany, my fps suffers. The fps start to drop when reaching Germany (border). Always the same and every plane. Also with empty community folder.

Please fix it in the next beta build.

Performance has to be much better with DX 10 and DLSS enabled.

Very strong fluctuations and low fps still on ground and when ending flights / approach phase ( entering mostly german airspace, guess World Update countries are the fps issue).


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does anyone have the same issue?

Using DX12 usually results in a significant increase in VRAM usage. If you’re maxing out your VRAM using DX12, performance will decrease significantly as it offloads the VRAM to system RAM. I would guess your poor performance is due to your VRAM being maxed out.

What’s your VRAM usage look like when you FPS tanks? You can see this by enabling the overlay in Dev Mode.

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