Low frames with latest nvidia drivers

I have a feeling that after downloading the latest NVIDIA driver, my fps has completely gone ■■■■ when close to terrain, like, completely.‘‘Settings: High’’ Never had this problem, I might have to go back to the previous driver to see if there are any changes.

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This can happen yes.
What card do you have?

With my GTX 770 anything above a certain driver version would black screen the card.

My 1080ti saw performance loss after a certain version.

So…there is a “sweet spot” for drivers.

That’s strange. 472.12 has been performing just fine for my 3080 system.


well, I’m on a laptop.

1650 TI obviously, now it seems to KINDA perform better…

thx Nvidia…

Meh…Looking at 52 FPS near Vancouver flying at Mach 2.4+ with maxed settings. FPS is no different than it was before. I call bs.

Well, I’m not on maxed settings…

So it is not bs

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Works fine for me. Identical FPS on the short test I done.

32GB ram
I9 11900k

Was it a clean install of the drivers or did you not select that option to retain your Nvidia settings?

I had bad performance when installing geforce experience…now I do not install it, only the GPU driver and (coincidence or not) I had no more issues related to fps.


Anytime you are updating GPU drivers, always do a clean install using DDU.

Its a “best practice” sort of thing to make sure that you’re installing the latest drivers on a clean slate as sometimes there can be conflicts with the previous drivers vs the new drivers and you can get odd issues.

If you have any settings you’ve changed in the control panel, either globally or just per-application, make sure you take a screenshot and save them. Then once the new drivers are installed, reapply your settings.

And in actuality… you shouldn’t need to be updating drivers as frequently as Nvidia pushes them out tbh. Unless you have some issue with the current drivers, you can run the same drivers for years and not have any issue.

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i did go back to the old driver, no issues, so i guess i either i will wait for a new one, or just stay in the old one

If you have on the NVIDIA autotune, turn it OFF. The sim hates that. No OCs.

The clean install did it, way better performance, especially in the cockpit.


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