Low Level high speed flight leads to severe FPS Drops and Scenery instability

despite having a 1000/1000 Mbit Connect, and while during and without streaming to Twitch/FB/Youtube, the sim apparently cannot handle low level high speed flight.

my FPS was brought to a crawl ( we are talking less than 5-10 FPS ) , memory usage went near 35 GB Of RAM just for the Sim, and Pagefile nearly wiped out its entire 64GB space.

All this achieved simply by flying the CJ4 at less than 1000 AGL and speeds of 540-560 Kts following Interstate 75 in Southwest Florida.

a new flex to bring about some optimization to the sim in the future if we are ever going to have 3PD Military Aircraft that can easily exceed that 550 Kts realm.

Trapping my net traffic with wireshark, it seems that even pulling data at nearly 600 Mbit, it still simply isnt enough infrastructure or resource optimization to do this kind of flying yet.

Im hopeful that in the near future some infrastructure changes will come about.


Does this improve if you turn off all the data settings?

I know that it will not look good, but hopefully that would smooth out the framerate.

You could also download the area you want to fly with the manual cache before flying.

Hmmm, not sure what’s going on. I’ve been tearing around in a crappy port of the FSX F-18 all morning, much of that at very low levels. It’s had a problem keeping up with drawing trees at some points, but nothing like what’s described. I’ve been going considerably faster than the CJ also.

Might be different because the F-18 in question doesn’t have many functional systems I suppose.

The F-18 for anyone wondering what I’m talking about: https://www.msfsaddons.org/aircraft/aircraft-fa-18-for-microsoft-flight-simulator-2020

that would kinda negate having the photo scenery, as i said, i was downloading data around 600MBit. thats WELL Past the recommended level.

its never happened if i remain in the same area for a bit, but, i was moving in a direct line for over half a hour and perf just got lower and lower, then i happened to look up at my monitoring screen, RAM was in excess of 45 GB overall, i threw up taskman to see that the sim was using almost 35GB of it. and that my pagefile was nearly completely utilized.

I landed quickly and sat there, and what happens? RAM Goes back down to a normal 8-12GB usage, PF dropped back down to about 5GB.

so, the sim is either taking in too much data or not removing it after leaving the area, idk yet. im gonna have to monitor the data a bit more verbosely and aggressively.

wow… First time reading about this… I guess not a lot of people tried that. If that’s the case… wow… this SIM would be quite useless. I’m going to give it a try.

Thats why I mentioned the manual cache of the flight before you fly.