Low quality rending on Xbox Series X

Microsoft has said the minimum required bandwidth for PC is 50mbps. I don’t know what, if anything, they’ve said about Xbox, but for that one particular requirement, I can’t see any reason it would be any different. You may need to upgrade your Internet speed.

I’m not sure if this is an Xbox exclusive issue because I’ve seen PC users mention it but in my experience the autogen buildings are waaaay more consistent than photogrammetry.

It appears to me that the data just can’t be downloaded fast enough as it slowly improves over time - I’m not sure if this is my internet or on the Asobo+company side of things. I imagine it may be a little bit of both based on demand/peak hours because sometimes it looks okay and other times it looks awful.

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Thanks for that - I only have a vague handle on the difference between the two and the way it works, which interests me so I’ll take a deeper look.

It’s certainly pretty manky in spots. I see a super-clean and sharp London Eye in screenshots and videos but I’ve only ever seen it look like the blob of ■■■■ it is there in my attached screenshot :-\ … wondering if I have a clash between the orbx add on and the MS stuff… and if there is a way to clear that.

I’ve heard several complaints about London specifically although I’ve never tested myself.

Under general options; data there is a rolling cache you can play with. I imagine the best looking content uploaded will be people flying around an area pre-caching data before they hit record for their videos - they are also probably using hardware many times more powerful than Xbox.

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Same here, terrible LOW RES… I’m on Xbox Series X.

Bing Data World Graphics - ON
Photogrammetry - ON

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