Low sound level of the ground navigation aids transmission (Morse Code)

The sound level of the continuously transmitted alphanumeric identification in Morse Code in the cockpit is much too low. The knobs for changing the sound level don’t work. So there is no chance to identify the station (VOR etc.).
Do I overlook something?

Yes, just use NAV1 or NAV2 sound control (usually on or near your radio stack).

By default, these are at like 10%… otherwise you go mental with the constant morse code in the background :wink:

Well, you only have to leave it on long enough to ID it to make sure you’ve got the right thing and then mute it. Additionally, most of the glass cockpit avionics will do that for you, it’s really only necessary with steam gauge cockpits. But I do love me some steam gauges!!

I understand that of course, I was merely explaining why it was not a loud volume by default. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply. The problem is that the sound control doesn’t work. I can turn the volume knob - nothing happens. In both ways. I tried it in the Cessna 172, the M20R Ovation and the Piper Seminole with no success.

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Thanks. Same here. I adjusted sound settings in the general menu but can’t find way to increase the sound during my VOR navigation. Volume dial works but no effect on the sound.

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