Low visibility around airports since SU11 (Live Real World Weather)


I’ve been experiencing this issue recently in MSFS SU11. The best way to describe this issue is that I am experiencing low visibility (haze) at an airport. The issue seems to affect the real world weather feature only. The issue only affects flying near an airport and not so much when flying cross country.

I’ve attached a screenshot that shows the issue more effectively. Anyone seen something similar to this?

This was not an issue in SU10 (at least for me).

The sim is supposed to draw the visibility conditions based off the latest METAR report at that airport. You could check to see what that METAR was reporting to see if there should actually be reduced visibility at that airport. Unfortunately the sim draws METAR based haze out to a fixed radius from the airport, so you wind up with haze bubbles.

Unintended benefit is that you can now easily find airports. Just look from the blanket of haze!

Wow, that’s the only word that comes to mind. Is there a way to file a bug report on this? I mean the implementation needs a bit of work. :unamused:

In a follow up note, what really surprises me is that even if the airport is reporting visibility greater than 10 miles, it will create this haze layer.

METAR bubbles is a known issue since SU7 1 year ago. There are some existing posts in the weather bug forum, the main one is : METAR keeps disrupting the weather/ bugged weather/Cumulus/CB clouds only/no medium to high cloud coverage
You can post your comments there, no need to open a new one.
Maybe you are right regarding the haz coming from METAR, this has been implemented since SU10 I guess.
Also you only experience that with live weather since METAR only exists there, it is not in presets neither custom weather.

I was looking at the post, but my case looks a bit different, but seems to be in a similar vein to what I am seeing. I submitted a bug report via ZenDesk, I hope they pay attention or at least acknowledge they are working on this (probably they’ll never will). :unamused:

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That’s probably a bug and should be reported. But keep in mind there are multiple ongoing issues with the haze since SU7 and they’re no doubt aware of some of them, so I wouldn’t expect a fix soon.

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Maybe this bug ?: Haze thicker than METAR value