LOWER FPS flying at night

HI, typically during the day I am getting 35 FPS, when I change to nightime that reduces to 27 FPS?, any reason for this, as old sims FSX etc, night time was better on FPS, or is it the lighting at airports that sucks the FPS down?

Any mods? If so test game with empty community in a stock plane.

What is your GPU? My fps is the same as day and night.

Normally in VR I’m around 35 fps and peak at 42 fps when there isn’t much detail outside and in view. Being dark can increase the frame rate for me when there isn’t much exterior light to view.

If I’m flying over inky black sky over the ocean it’s usually around 42 fps.

What video card are you using?

It could be an older generation of GPU might not be as efficient at certain things.

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