Lowi breno2j sid

How to execute this departure - OEJ is not found in the MCDU. Using the FBW A320 Exp. and latest (WU6) flightsim update.


Example. LOWI - EDDM.
RUM is in the database of MSFS and can be selected as waypoint. OEJ is not in the database as a waypoint, but if you enter the 109.7 and the radial 66 in the RAD/NAV section it will give you the VOR radial to intercept.

The whole SID however is currently to properly working in the A32NX experimental version with the first leg to OEJ missing and the turnaround point to INN not properly located either.

However when using the MSFS flightplanner in the TBM (with G3000 mod) the SID is modeled ok.

If you can please file a bug report with Flybywire using their discord server.

oops… I just saw you also posting at their discord… sorry for the overlap. I let you handle it… be curious what they say. thx.

You’re so welcome - appreciate if you follow along on the sideline