LOWI by ORBX PAPI lights rwy 8


Can anyone who had purchased the LOWI add-on by ORBX please advice if the PAPI lights RWY 8 are working correctly.

I am keen on purchasing this beautiful airport add-on and was holding back after reading about it.

Would really appreciate the confirmation. Thank you.

Can confirm they don’t work correctly in the official marketplace version (they’re always all white). They do work on the other side. Not sure about the version on Orbx Central.

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Thank you @Abriael. Appreciate your reply.

Thanks to a friend I was able to check the Orbx direct version as well. It has the same issue.

That being said, it’s likely one of my favorite scenery. Hopefully it’ll be updated soon.

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Yes without a doubt LOWI is also one of my favorite airport and I especially love flying the Visual Circle to Land RWY 8 approach. ORBX’s landscape would be very useful for that.

But I have yet to master the final approach glide without the PAPI, and would be lost without it’s guidance.

For me the RWY 26 PAPIs are always white as well. This is ORBX version from MSFS marketplace with the Asobo LOWI uninstalled. Anyone else? Hoping for a fix from ORBX.

The issue with the LOWI PAPI has been outstanding since reported on Oct 2020 with no resolution in sight. :angry: