LPBJ airstrip missing

I noticed that we can no longer select the air base of beja, in Portugal, as a take-off or landing strip

yes, any clue why this happens?

Yes, I cant find LPBJ too

It’s there for me

General Discussion is not for reporting bugs. I have moved your topic to Scenery and Airports.

mk1234444 reported the airport there. Are you seeing it now?

No, its still missing also for me. No selection available on the World map. But I can see clearly the gound textures of the airport on the spot and worldmap (even landed there VFR, some buildings around) near the city of Beja. But no selection even on Garmin’s.
Thanks for your help.


Moved to #bugs-and-issues:airports. Currently slated for fix in WU11.

Fixed in World Update 11: