LSMJ airport disappeared after update

Before the last WU, the LSMJ airport was still available as standard, now it is no longer there?

Is that normal?

Will more airports be deleted in the future?

Are you sure LSMJ is still an active and open airport? Judging from the satellite photo, it looks like a former military airbase that’s now closed.

The former military airfield now serves as a multifunctional event location, horse events, motor sports, delta landing area, music events etc.

exactly, it is closed since almost 20years. Greeting from Switzerland :slight_smile:

An Gruass us dr Schwiz :smiley:

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People, it’s not about whether it is used civilly, militarily, or in any other way.

The fact is it was still there before the last update.

So I wonder why he’s gone now.
Other airfields are also no longer used regularly, and are still in the sim.

I was just confused, before the last update, I often started from there for sightseeing flights around the Matterhorn …

But thanks anyway :wink:

Greets from LSPH (Born in Varen, a stone’s throw away from Turtmann)

EDIT: I just saw that Interlaken (LSMI) is also gone after the last update. So this has to be related to the WU6 and the new Mesh.

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sounds like BĂĽndnerland :wink:

:joy: exactly, Engadin

Perfect…i love it.

I have spend a lot of time in BĂĽndnerland.

Same thing happened to me at KDMA. I was flying a NeoFly route from KFLG to KDMA. It was night time, ATC cleared me to ILS 31 but in my Garmin there were no approaches to be chosen. When I went into nearest KDMA never showed up and when I got to the airport they had all of the lights off (that was an interesting landing though) and there was no airline or ground traffic. I have a feeling the latest airport data that was downloaded deleted a lot of inactive airports. If that’s what happened, I’m OK with it since I try and fly as realistically as I can. One of the reasons I haven’t added Miegs Field nor the twin towers.

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Right. It’s up to the WU6. Some airports have been updated or removed. Can live with that …and as a consolation, we now have Les Eplatures for this. :slight_smile:

For a little comedy value it may be that at least one of the “inactive in the real world and therefore deleted” air fields was actually used in a Bush Trip thus rendering it impossible to complete the Bush trip and progress the associated achievement!

(I’ve seen multiple threads regarding this in the last week or so…)


I would say it’s a correction then. If any former airfields/airports that is no longer in used that’s in the sim, then it should be wrong. So removing them is a correction to make it accurate.

I’m sure a community mod can restore former closed airfields if they’re available (I know I downloaded a few former classic airports myself like Kai Tak, Hong Kong or Kemayoran, Jakarta). Otherwise, closed former airports should be removed by default in the sim. In this case, it would be correct and not a bug.

So I went back into NEO Fly tonight to fly a mission from KDMA to KSBP. Turns out that KDMA (Davis-Monthan AFB) is still in operation in the real world. Problem is MSFS has classified it as a water airport now so the World Map won’t let me use it as a departure and says I can’t take off in my Baron G58 since it doesn’t have floats. Come on MS it’s an Air Force Base in the middle of the desert in Tucson, AZ. I don’t need floats! I had to hire a pilot in NEO Fly to transport my G58 to KAVQ so that I can resume control of my plane. I don’t know how Berlin managed to get my plane out of KDMA, but at least I have my plane back.

LSMJ and LSMI are no longer functioning airports in the real world. The fact that they used to appear in the sim was actually a bug (probably because of old source data). Removing them was the correct thing to do.

We will bring a mod in the future with the Swiss Classic Airfields, it will be free of charge.
But it will take some time :wink:

As i said, i can live with that, i was just confused :wink: