LTFM is missing in game

Hi, in Turkey, Istanbul LTFM - Istanbul Airport is missing in game, when it will be added to game?

Hey, there is an existing mega thread here on the forum for missing airports: Missing Airports Sent to Zendesk. In addition, there have been many threads for missing airports.

LTFM has been noted there/via Zendesk support and will hopefully be done at some point. It will take time for all of these airports to be addressed though, however this is their goal.

From Jorg in the recent Q&A:

The thread was super useful and that is exactly what we are going for. It’s going to take time to have every airport being addressed.

If you spot any similar missing airports, you can search the mega thread firstly, report via Zendesk if it doesn’t exist and post in the topic.


Until they add LTFM into the game, in the meantime, you can use this instead. I’ve been using this for a while and it’s great.

If you’re not using Navigraph Navdata, you might also need to install this.

I congratulated you for the great work of the creators of the LTFM istambul airport, a very detailed masterpiece that rivals aerosoft
they deserve 5 stars + a donation, well done again

There is an existing Wishlist item for this. Bugs & Issues are for stock simulation defects only.