Luggage conveyor belt in different directions


When leaving an airport the Luggage service conveyor sends luggage into the aircraft. When arriving at an airport it still sends luggage into the aircraft. Is it possible to have it taking luggage out of the aircraft at the arrival airport?

Also some passengers walking in the jetway (right direction ofc :wink: ) would be nice too :slight_smile:

Hi @Majickthyse welcome back! Yes, i agree. They should add the baggage boarding of the second and third cars. Ones you call ground handing they only bording the first car… :wink:

I already know that you have a “Request Baggage” function in the ATC Screen. Although that is for when the bags go INSIDE of the aircraft.

But wouldn’t it be good to include a “Request Baggage Return” function too? Where the Bags Leave the plane and go on the trucks!?

Yes, I agree with this. It would be a nice function to add. I spend a lot of time at the terminals and tarmac and what others might not recognize is that you can receive additional acheivement awards for various things (i.e. requesting all ground service functions or distance traveled taxing).

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It has been almost a year and still Asobo has not fixed the incorrect baggage handling. After landing the luggage trolley does not empty the luggage but loads. Why has this stupidity not beem corrected? Is there any mod that fixed this error?

Well, if this doesn’t prove everyone’s expectations, wants and priorities are vast and varied, I’m not what it will take…


Good thing they plan on working on it for 10 years. I’m sure it is very low priority, but these kind of oversights add up.

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Really, the are bigger issues t worry about at this time. Just live with it.

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GreenMink461037 In one sense I agree with you. The reductions to the graphics fidelity brought in by the last update need to be fixed, and there are many features key to a flight sim which still need work.

On the other hand, telling people not to ask for improvements isn’t really very helpful is it?

Correcting this error might be a simple case of changing a zero to a one in one place in the code, so I think it’s completely valid to point out the issue and ask for it to be corrected.

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