Lukla new record will never be beat

Either something’s wrong with my settings or they’ve switched out the runway for a roller coaster.

I defy anyone to get a lower score


2021fpm? smth is wrong :wink:

Lol, if I drew a profile of the runway I faced it would resemble a Toblerone :grin:

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Well done! Congratulations on making the hall of shame! :grin:

In all seriousness, does it help if you clear your rolling cache?

Did you notice that the graphic / icon is reversed for the scoring? :slight_smile:

There’s a topic in Bugs & Issues for it:

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Good spot, never noticed it before.

The obvious question now is how come 1+1+1=2 ?

Because it’s 1+1X1 = 2 :upside_down_face:

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Lol I’m getting good at not noticing things :anguished:

Thanks for the hu

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2 is the lowest possible score you can get with out crashing.

However, OP I have you beat as I have done this on two different occasions lol

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Did anyone see this at Ísafjördur challenge ? I’ve got a 3 points last week… I did not save it. The landing was S-curved over the runway, touchdown forced, all the way near the end, on the left side. Short hop (that’s why I got a 2 for roll ?). I could break, but it nearly touched end of runway. Corrected direction with rudder to go to the center line. I got “Congratulations, 3” :dog: :laughing:


Mmm … something to do with dev mode that I often use for the fps counter and ocassionally with volumetrics off in difficult for my gpu scenery, switch dev mode off and I get my runways back. If anyone else would like to turn terrain vector data off and dev mode on to repeat my experience then be my guest. This was only 1080p@50%, LOD 45 so not many polygons.

Oh and yes I did manage several landings, the one above was an expected crash but somehow they still rated it

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