LVFR Arex - I really like it, but

I used LVFR Arex all over the world for some time now. It’s really looking good and does its job (most of the times).

But what really annoys me is the sound of the vehicles. I already deactivated most of the vehicle sounds via layout.json. Why do so many devs underrate the importance of sound for immersion? It is actually half of the show.

The AREX vehicles sounds are not only cheap (keeping the limited possibilities for scenery-sound in mind) but it is in fact the most unpleasant sound you can choose - wether it’s the catering truck, the baggage thingys or this high pitch whining sound of the GPUs.

I really hope they upgrade that in the future.

Haven’t really paid attention to it / noticed it to be honest, but what would be a nice upgrade is the ability to have multiple carriers activated so it’s not all Air Canada anywhere I go.

Are we talking about the same addon? Air Canada?

Yes, however I am using the North American version as that’s where I live.

Im speaking about in the installation process where you select which airline you have the logos on the ground vehicles for such as tugs, baggage etc.

Only lets you select one carrier so no matter where you fly that’s what’s shown.

I also have the northamerican version but I havn’t had to choose anything during installation. At least I can’t remember… :laughing: Long time ago.

I have version 1.0.2 installed (via Contrails).

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If you go into Contrails and select configure, you’ll see a variety of airlines you can choose from lol.

Lol, thanks. Never saw that. :rofl:

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They have custom sounds?? I never really realised it before, I always felt like it’s the same sound as the default. But I’ve been using AREX for so long that I forgot what the default sounds like.

Why not install the generic North America version? The one with the company name instead of the airline. That’s what I use in mine.

You certainly can, but when loading up at YYZ and landing in CYOW flying an Air Canada Livery, it’s nice to see the AC tugs :slight_smile:

They may the custom/default MSFS sounds. Don’t know. The GPUs seems to be made by LVFR, since I never heard this whining sound somewhere else.
But nonetheless, it sounds terrible (imho). It would be nice, if LVFR would put some effort into the sounds.