Lvfr-arex-na issue with msfs 2020 airports

msfs2020 store… Different large airports show different size tugs, the small default & the LVFR-AREX-NA large tug. example: kbos gives me a small default tug but klax gives me the lvfr-arex-na large tug w/airline colors. I won’t go into all the airports but it seems the airport loaded dictates the size tug. tried different planes (airliners) but result is same. that means its probably in the airport script. what do you suggest?

I believe it depends on which parking type that you spawn to.

If you’re on a Ramp GA Large and Gate types, they will have large pushback tug. If you spawn on Ramp GA medium or small you’ll get small pushback tug.

i tried all large ramps & gates @ kbos but no success. Although MSFS’s KBOS layout is not accurate. It leaves out all “E” gates. Such a large airport needs MSFS attention. I thought you made a great guess, but if kbos is not close to any accuracy you still may be right. As far as the default tug vs LVFR-AREX-NA it wouldn’t hurt to chg that small; tug to the other…it looks much nicer!

I actually don’t understand why Arex made them on regional basis. They need to release a global model as a case to mod everything, then add the regional one on top.

The tug types is also dependant on the aircraft you’re spawning to along with the parking types. So large aircraft like the A320 on a Ramp GA Large or gates will always spawn the large tug. But A320 spawning on Ramp GA Small will not have any tugs spawned. And it’s probably the same thing the other way, if you are spawning on Cessna Citation for example, you need to spawn them on Ramp GA Small/Medium to spawn the small tug, but if you spawn on Gate, you probably either get the wrong tug or they don’t spawn at all.

First, I want to thank you for your interest & help. But I understand the type Acrft needed to test this problem. I’m using the FBW A32n & A330-900 as well as the b787. I tried large gates & large ramps to no avail. As i mentioned large airports and some medium sized airports were used. Strangely enough western airports worked better than Eastern airports. I am using KBOS so you and I can have a conversation on this matter using the same airport & criteria. is there a config file that might be opened to edit this or is it hard code.