LVS Flight Tour 1


Welcome to the first world tour I will be hosting to my best ability. I’m all ears to suggestions after the flight. Thank you to everyone that participates!

This flight will take us from the big city to the freezing sierras with a special detour through what central Californians call, Gold Country.

Sacramento is one of the crown jewels of California. From the beautiful Capital and governor’s mansion to the freezing Sierra Nevada’s, A lot of history takes place here. Some events include The Gold Rush of 1848, To the Sacramento Bridge construction of 1960, all Californians can agree that it is truly beautiful what stands over the Sacramento River.

Gold Country consists of areas of Amador and Calaveras counties landmarks include Argonaut Mine in Amador County and the great Hogan Lake in Calaveras County. People enjoy wine tasting and good restaurants in this area.

I hope you can enjoy this beautiful flight with me on Saturday and I cant wait to see the people who have time!


Diamond DA62

Flight plan
Will be handed out 1 hour before event

I prefer people to fly general aviation aircraft, and not being silly in an F18.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the event.

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