[LwJ] Ground Reference Maneuvers


I’m Jules, a real-life CFI and aviation enthusiast. You may recognize me from the Tuesday night social flights here or my old Twitch stream.

This Lessons with Jules series is all about learning to fly. We’ll work through all the topics of the Private ACS and Commercial ACS, and I hope each lesson helps you learn a bit more about aviation.

This lesson will cover topics like:

  • Wind effect on ground reference maneuvers
  • Flying S-Turns, turns around a point, and a rectangular course

If you’d like to fly along, I’ll be in the Cessna 172 (6-pack) and flying out of KPAO.

See you at the hangar!

P.s. The current plan is to stream on Twitch, and use Twitch chat for discussion. Any questions that arise after the stream are best asked on Discord. And although each lesson builds on the previous content, I’ll attentive to folks joining for just a periodic lesson when they can.

P.p.s. Although I am a CFI, this content is meant only to improve your knowledge of flying. It is not meant to replace working with your own CFI nor replace a ground school. If you’re interested in learning to fly, I highly recommend a demo flight at your local airport!