M.2 drive failed while playing MSFS

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Brief description of the issue:
Last night, Microsoft put an update on my operating system. Update went fine. I’ve been using my computer all day.

Finally sat down to some flying. I was flying across Britain in the Spitfire. I passed over Heathrow and was coming up on Biggin Hill. Flight had been smooth. A couple stutters approaching Heathrow. Suddenly, as I approached Biggin Hill, it started to get really slow. First panning got slow, and then panning basically stopped. I can go into detail on all the steps in between, suffice to say it got to the point after waiting many minutes, my only choice was to shut the computer off. When I turned the computer back on, my boot drive in the M2 slot is no longer recognized as being there. Needless to say I’m a bit upset.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered: I can’t. My computer can no longer boot.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: No idea if I can, and I wouldn’t if I could.

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)

i7-4790K, MSI gaming 5 MB, 16 GB ram. 2 sabrant rocket SSD’s I’ve had for about a year. One in the M2 slot, one in a pci16x slot adapter. 1 6TB hard drive, 1 10 TB hard drive. RTX 2070 Super.

there are still 3 drives visible to the BIOS My 2 hard drives and the blue ray drive

SATA port 1 ST6000vn0033—2
Sata port 2 not present
SATA PORT 4 ST10000DM0004—
M.2/SATA Port 5 not present
SATA Port 6 not present

I don’t know if the d drive survived.

I had MSFS installed on the D drive in the pci slot adapter.

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #? No. What can they do?

Further detail. It started slowing slowly at first, I assumed it would come back, or I would have tried to interrupt the process immediately. Once I couldn’t move the view around anymore, the computer would not respond to the keyboard, the windows key did nothing, I couldn’t get the computer out of full screen anymore, and it didn’t respond to ctrl-alt-delete at all. Until finally it did that bbbbbbbbbbbb sound and went silent, and it was just stopped. I waited a while but it was just sitting no response. So I turned it off. Apparently my turning it off killed it as I imagine a boot record got overwritten or something. I’m going to try removing and reinserting the boot drive in the M.2 slot. But I imagine it’s just dead since the bios doesn’t recognize it exists.

Have you got a copy of Windows on a USB or DVD? If so, try booting from that. You should be able to get into recovery mode and see if that helps.

I’m pretty sure it’s a download copy, I don’t think I created a boot USB, but I have two other computers handy from which I can create one.

Try it and see.

If you need to create a boot flash drive, you can do so using the Windows 10 Media Creation took:

I found a win 10 boot USB. It’s probably a year or two old, should I update it, or is it OK to use as is?

You can use it, you will have to install Windows updates, but it is enough to see if we can get you going again.

It’s preparing to do an automatic repair. Thanks for responding. Trying just a restart.

It restarted and it looks like I have my computer back.

All the drives are here. Is there anything I should do before forging ahead?

Anything I should have done to not go through this when MSFS (or any other program) acts up like that?

MSFS, FSX:SE and X-Plane are the only games I run, otherwise it’s a DAW and graphics programs, but nothing as taxing as MSFS


Okay, that’s good news, thanks for letting us know!

I would check in the Updates and Security Centre to make sure you’re security and Windows builds are up to date, just in case you got bumped back a bit with this repair. Otherwise, you should be good to go.

Unfortunately I don’t know what went wrong here, but if I were to guess, something in Windows probably got borked. It does happen occasionally, though far less often than it used to, and the Media Creation Tool is usually an easy way to fix it.

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Sorry to hear that. Once you get back operational, check out Acronis True Image software. It has saved my butt many times and the best part is, it’ll restore a drive(s) in no time. Also, if you get the PC backup, check your event log

Backup Software - Data Protection Solutions - Acronis


Thanks, I will

I have a laptop that has a habit of doing this. Whenever it experienced a hard shutdown (in this case due to CPU thermal protection) it would not recognise the SDD for a while.

I eventually discovered that the most reliable solution was to remove the SDD and boot the system to the BIOS setup page and let it sit for at least 30 mins, before shutting down and reinstalling the SDD. Apparently SDD’s/an associated controller can be sensitive to voltage spikes and this time allows for some sort of reset.

After reinstalling the SDD it would generally detect again. Sometimes I had to repeat the process but always with eventual success. The first time around I thought I had fried something but the same SDD is still working fine after five years and at least the same number of these events.

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Thanks, that’s good to know. Getting back into MSFS after that was a bit like getting back on a horse after being thrown. Fortunately, I’ve got a lot of good backing up across drives, but, still scary. I had just finished a few hours of work on some files and hadn’t backed them up yet :astonished: :flushed:

I don’t have them on the SSD’s, but I didn’t want to be without them for a couple days waiting for new parts. But, all is fine now. Just did a quick flight from Nashua to Brainard.

I won’t be flying around London again until I hear things have settled down. It is amazing how many people are still leaving the name of modelLib.bgl. I have to check every single addon I load.

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Sorry to hear of your problem. I wonder if it is due to a model.lib or due to Asobo performance bug from the latest update? Too many people are getting these annoying stutters now, and is this a warning shot across our bows I wonder?

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The only thing a game can do is burnout a video card, As 4 the CPU is it being overlooked, heat kills everything electrical. I have 14 computers that all still work giong back 2 windows 95. I guarantee u can pull that M. 2 drive out an plug it in another computer an it will work I do it all the time.

So, unless you can recover that drive and run diagnostics, it’s outright wrong to put a title up that says “MSFS destroyed my computer” when it could have just read “My M.2 drive failed for some reason”. I’ve cleaned up the title as such.


Well, I marked it as solved. At the time, I thought it was dead, but @Nyx1819 stepped me through how to fix it, which is documented.

That’s not true. It’s just as likely that a game, especially a game with memory leaks and overwrites all over the place like this one that is trying to page to disk because I only have 16GB of memory and 8GB of video memory can overwrite a portion of disk it’s not supposed to and wreck a hard drive. As is what I was afraid happened.

It’s also possible that in this case, as @HimmelLotse mentioned, it was all a matter of the SSD being overheated, and it wasn’t the game per se at all but Windows’ memory management that needs to get smarter. Both my boot disk and the drive I have MSFS loaded on are 1TB Sabrant Rockets. Then again, that is directly related to how the game is managing the memory it uses. I totally get that it’s not an easy problem to solve and they are working on it.

I’m totally cool with changing the title. But, I wanted to warn people that the possibility of more than a CTD is possible. I thought I was going to have to spend a couple of days getting new parts and rebuilding my computer from scratch. I’m glad I was able to so quickly get the help I needed to get it fixed.

I can tell you, however, I won’t be flying near London anytime soon again given everything that’s getting written here. I’m perfectly happy flying around my little corners of the US till it gets resolved. On a posiive note, I will say the Spitfire is the smoothest rolling plane I’ve ever flown in the FS series (or X-plane, which, personally hasn’t impressed me). I just wish I’d gotten a chance to try and land her :wink: Some day, when I’m feeling brave again…

P.S. This is the one and only ever hardware failure like that I’ve experienced on this computer, I’m pretty fastidious in managing my Community folder and reject and remove the obviously bad stuff, and the last CTD I experienced was with the PA44 right after the November update where the Carenado stuff was fixed. And that cleared up after two CTD’s at the same location (right downwind on 14 KASH after pasing the end of the runway) after flying for a while. By the third try, it stopped CTD’ing. I imagine that issu had to clear out some cache stuff.

I go through every addon I install and update any addon I find with a modelLib.bgl file. So, it’s not that (though,I didn’t check my Orbx installs, I suppose I should do that, but, I imagine they were all smart enough not to be committing that error?). I’m putting it on flying around London and over Heathrow. there wasn’t much traffic when I flew over, I don’t know if the game had ejected it all for the sake of memory or because it was nearly midnight on the east coast US. There had been a bunch of traffic there earlier when I was in the world map. I do have Live Traffic and Live Weather turned on. But had switched the time to morning from 2am there.

It is true that compared to the US, I notice that the landscape in England (it’s the first time I’ve flown there in MSFS) is much more complicated with lots of fields bordered by lines of trees and hilly landscape and tons of airports everywhere, at least where I was flying. So that would be a lot of data to be managing.

Edit: So, I just checked, and I imagine this has been covered before, but the Orbx sceneries are all encrypted, so it’s impossible to see how their scenery is constructed and if they have a modlLib.bgl file. I’ll just have to trust them. I flew out of EGTB over EGUB and was on my way over past Heathrow to EGKH by way of EGKN and EGKB Biggin Hill and one other airport I forget near it. EGKH is fine modelLib.bgl config wise, and the others are Asobo sceneries except Orbx EGTB.

I must say, I would like to be flying over England, it is very pretty over there.

I don’t understand y there is so many problems. This 1 of 4 different computers I play on look at the specs, both the GPU an CPU r 2 generations below the minimum specs 4 this game. This is the computer I will use 2 get the last of the achievements! The point I am trying 2 make is these PC specs should have the most problems and I don’t have any but with some of the achievements. This computer is at 1080p an it will run 20 fps an lower an has never cashed, I scale it down too 800 600 just because all my flights r 20+hrs… My harddrive is a 5400 SATA D.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your point?