M20R NAV Bug

New bug with NAV ?

The NAV autopilot mode seems not working when starting a flight from an airport ramp.
If you start directly on the runway, VNAV is OK but if you set an airport ramp as departure it does not.

Easy to reproduce:

Set a departure from a ramp of any airport from MSFS map, then start your aircraft engine and avionics. Then if you press HDG and NAV buttons of the autopilot, both are active (and in fact NAV is not working). They should be exclusive.
If you start directly from the airway, HDG and NAV are exclusive and NAV works.

Last version of m20R (1.1.1).

I am alone to have this bug?

Please report this on the official support by clicking the Zendesk menu item at the top of the page

I reported this bug to Carenado zendesk because this is a third party aircraft

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I didn’t test that, but I remember some autopilots keep both NAV and HDG iluminated if you are at to great of an angle from the set NAV course. It let’s you control the angle of capture with HDG bug and then switches to NAV when you are close enough to the magenta line.

yes sure. But the behaviour should not be different following the way you start your aircraft (automatically by fs2020 on the runway or manually from the ramp).
And from the ramp, the NAV is not working at all while flying.

I’d just like somebody else to test that in order to have more impact to carenado support.

The normal behaviour for this aircraft is a mutual exclusivity of HDG nd NAV.

I did some testing in flight and it looks like you are able to enable both when you don’t have a valid NAV source (red NAV flag on the HSI)
Once I input a DCT in GPS or tune to VOR, NAV and HDG become exclusive.

Sorry this was my mistake

Starting directly on runway automatically sets the CDI mode to GPS but starting on the ramp lets it to LOC.
In fact I made a MOD for the GS530 and made 200 tests but always starting on the runway in order to save time. When coming back for a real flight I just forgot to switch to GPS.

How stupid I am

Thanks for your help.

Cool :slight_smile:
I didn’t know there is a MOD fixing some issues!
Now instead of going to bed (23:30 LT for me) I have to play with it.
It’s all your fault! :grin: