Mackinac Bridge (MI, USA)

Am I going crazy? In the first couple of days of the release I seem to recall seeing the bridge linking Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas in pretty good detail. When I fly over it now, it’s just a flat ugly bridge.

Am I mixing simulators up or did anyone else notice either this particular bridge or another object was once there and is now gone.

A few days ago I flew over it and indeed it was flat and ugly, it really is a fine bridge and deserves to be treated better

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It has been flat and ugly since day 1. I flew to it within the first week of release and was really disappointed. Also, note that you can’t fly under any bridges (I believe this is still correct) since the area under them is still treated as structure.

It’s always been generic on my end. I put in a request to Zendesk to improve it.

When I flew there a few weeks back it looked nasty.

someone is creating it…great site for scenery enhancement addons

also this site has completed addons:

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This item was delivered as part of World Update 2.