Madeira Photogammetry

Will Madeira also get Photogammetry in the next world update seeing it is part of Portugal?

I hope not; it’ll destroy the Island. I’d much rather they updated the airport to Aerosoft’s latest version. The one in the game is years out of date.

I agree: the airport is not very good, but I don’t expect them to update it. What they really need to do is update the mesh. Madeira is in most parts an island of craggy cliffs and sharp protrusions. It’s much to rounded at the moment. Photogrammetry of Funchal would be a nice touch.

I what way would PG destroy the island?

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It’s the destruction of the buildings that seems to happen everywhere - the “melted” look. Funchal being smaller might be different. Can always turn PG off!

The XPL airport is done by Aerosoft and as Asobo seems to have a working relationship with them, it seems an obvious enhancement to port over.

I’ve been there many times and I’d love to see things like the white lighthouse at Ponta do Pargo modelled, along with the “proper” mainly white villas etc.

I’ve never had any problems with PG. Apart from London they all look very good.

From a business standpoint that makes little sense. MS/Asobo have already paid for one “hand-crafted” airport. They wouldn’t pay for the rights of a second one for a free World Update even though it’s better. It is far more likely that Aerosoft will release its Madeira airport together with the WU as payware.

I hold out little hope for that. Maybe one landmark. No PG, no mesh (as far as I heard from several developers there currently isn’t one available bettern than 20m).


The melted look seems to be very local to some areas. When it was released London was terrible, I think Paris was bad. After the Australia update I flew across Tasmania and the little airport next to Hobart was absolutely horrible. Other parts like for example the whole Gold Coast region is incredibly beautiful from 1000ft, LA/San Diego is beautiful. I assume it depends on what is available, how many angles, etc. But PG doesn’t automatically destroy the scenery.

However, every building that has been created by PG looks worse than a custom 3D model and once Helicopters come to the sim officially they will have to work on it a lot. You can’t expect people to go down to tree level when the trees are green rocks and houses look like they have been left by humans for 100 years,

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Wouldn’t it be grand to see the drunk guys in straw hats riding the tourists down the curved downhill streets in the carts? :grin:

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As long as the ground handling and friction model has been properly optimised first!

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