Madrid, Spain (LEMD) traffic not following runway restrictions

Hi again friend. I guess I was a little bit optimist when the update 6 came telling us that " Various airport data fixes

  • LEMD: added Restriction for landings and take-offs on runways according to charts". as I was repetedely asking (remember again that I was the designer of the Spain Global Scenery from Fs5.1 to Fs98)

After testing a lot the situation, is not true that has been addet the proper Restritiction for landing and according to charts.

The ATC Control continue to sending you to land in the 36L or 36R runways or the 14R 14L runways. This is no according to the true charts. I would like it be corrected soon again, in order Fs2020 be the best flight simulator for PC ever.

I repeat that in LEMD the only runways to take-off are the 36L and 36 R or the 14R and 14L.
The only runways for landing are the 32L or 32R and the 18R 18L.

May be the gamers don´t mind this problem. But I can asure you that the Old and new virtual flightsimmer, do.

So, please take this in mind in the next hotfix.

Thank in advance.

Pedro Avilés

Hi there,
I have altered your title so that other people can search on, and find your topic.

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I believe this is a more general issue and should be wish list item: Add support for using different runway directions for takeoff and landing. I don’t think that infrastructure exists in the sim, at least I have never seen that happen on any airport. Separate parallel runways for takeoff and landing should work (at least it used to work), but separate non-parallel runways I have not seen in the sim (except for various hacks involving multiple AFCAD files for the same airport and associated crafted AI flight plans back in the old days…)

Yeah, I understand, but no plane take off from 32L 33R, and no plane take off from 18R 18L
And no plane land in the 36R 36L or in the 14L or 14R according the official charts all over the world in LEMD.

Fixed in the Sim Update 6