Main disadvantages to VA monitors?

So I’ve been experimenting for a while with a few monitors and am still undecided on what is best for FS2020.

I wanted to ask what are the main disadvantages to VA panels compared to IPS in your opinion?

27” IPS monitor or 34” Ultrawide VA? The cost is stopping me for going with a 34” IPS.

I have a high spec Asus VA panel with a widescreen curved 32" monitor and I absolutely love it for games. Colour accuracy isn’t terrific though and it’s not brilliant when watching fast-paced videos like live sport as I get some ghosting but on the plus side, colours are vibrant with great contrast and my monitor has a 120Hz refresh rate.

For MSFS it’s great but if you are finicky about colour accuracy then that may be an issue - my brother plays Cyberpunk on his IPS and I’m constantly mentioning how realistic the colours are. Personally, I really like a VA panel for gaming and simulators (visually) fits well in that category. I must admit though I fly more in VR than desktop.

I think the biggest issue with some VA monitors is black level smearing. Also, a lot of VA monitors are curved, which may or may not annoy you. Personally, I didn’t want a curved monitor, which is why I didn’t get a Samsung G7.

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Traditionally IPS has better response times than VA and suffer less ghosting/motion blur.
(Not such an issue in a slow moving sim, quite an issue in a fast paced action game)

IPS have a wider colour range, VA tend to have better contrast between bright and dark

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I’m suffering bad smearing with my VA panel MSI optix 1440p 165hz.
Im looking for a viewsonic IPS panel but I’m worried about Bleeding.