Major lag?

anyone else currently suffering from bad lag across the menu and in sim ? I’ve always had stellar performance until right now

yes me too, i usually get a stable 30+ frames on my 2080s; surprisingly after the update on Mar 2; im getting 7fps!

im now uninstalling/reinstall hope this fixes that.

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With the last major update (not yesterday), I noticed the main menu was extremely slow in my setup, which was something new.
I discovered that once I entered the “World Map” section and came back, everything became as responsive as it should.
From what I’ve seen from yesterday’s patch, it seems that it has been fixed.

I don’t know the root cause and my observation may be anecdotical. But it’s OK now.

  • Addendum -
    After reading the other comment, I have a doubt. Are you talking about top level menus or while in flight?
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previously on the menu i will get a good 60fps, coz im on vsync. but after the update, im down to 20-25fps and i can already feel the sluggishness.

in game is worst - and i could immediately tell something is wrong because the air marshalls hovers instead of walking. :grin:

I actually had a good flight last night, maybe server issues this morning? Odd that would mess with the menu, but this game is a mystery.

I did the above and simply went into my menu and came back out then in and im back to normal, very bizzare on my system running a 5600x and 6800xt, I panicked!

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I got this issue the second time I started the sim. However I restarted the computer and since then everything is fine for now.

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