Major stutters in one area leading to CTD

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Major performance stutter and framerate drop in VR and eventual CTD when flying from Chicago to St. Louis. I have no problems in other areas. I have even flown in this area before and have not encountered this problem.

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I have tried the same aircraft in the same conditions in different parts of the world, including high intensity areas such as London, Tokyo, etc, but do not encouter the problem there to the same extent.
I have tried to fly in this area with different aircraft, on different servers, different weather conditions, but every flight in this area causes major stuttering and eventual CTD after approximately 15 minutes of flight.

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i7 10700

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Latest as of 4/27/21

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Microsoft Store

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Has anyone experienced severe stuttering and FPS drop when flying through central Illinois? I fly about 4 hours a day in a variety of areas and various aircraft but I have never experienced this before.
Here are the diagnostic steps I took:

  1. After the first time it happened I emptied my community folder, restarted the sim and tried again: Stutter and CTD
  2. I restarted my computer and tried a different plane: stutter
  3. I switched to a different server: Stutter persisted
  4. I switched back to the original server and changed weather conditions: stutter and CTD.
  5. I restarted the sim and flew in Japan: Smooth as butter.
  6. I restarted the sim and went back to Illinois: stutter and CTD
  7. I restarted the computer and flew in France: smooth as butter.
  8. I restarted the computer, went back to Illinois with the same plane I had just used in France, and set weather to clear: stuttering and CTD.

It seems something is preventing me from flying through the farmland of Illinois. This is weird because I have flown through that area before–even through mid-town Chicago-- without any problems to speak of.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Happens to me at Atlanta, for 100%. Some other photoreal cities too. If i arrive there the sim brings the whole pc to halt and kill most tasks… Didnt find a cure so far.

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Flew into JFK today and about 100m from landing the sim stuttered in that it stopped for about 10 seconds (the sound kept playing). Fortunately it then pulled itself together and I was able to continue and land. Recently I have tried to sort out the CTDs by fiddling with my virtual memory. I’ve stopped the system managing it and manually configured the swap file to be 2x my physical RAM of 32gb. I wonder if this had something to do with the sim not CTD in this instance.

If it IS swapfile related I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that more and more people now have small boot drives which just holds the OS usually. It is also the drive the system usually manages the virtual memory. Perhaps the available space is what causes the CTDs insofar there is just not enough space available. When I changed my settings I transferred the virtual memory to a larger drive. Who knows how long this will work for me?