Make an EXPORT FLIGHT PLAN feature to any opened APP

…which would receive this upon pressing the button and also not need SAVE/OPEN on either end. e.g. it EXPORTS into SKYPARK & VATSIM FLIGHT PLAN ready to File. Do this for World Map + the ability from within the Cockpit. Perhaps connect that via IDENT button as convenience.
SKYPARK already imports any SAVED FLP from within World Map but it should just export it regardless rather than using the Explorer Browser which is hidden if we use Fullscreen Mode and fools users to think the Game is “unresponsive” which Task Manager tells us during this time.
Importing into VATSIM should be done using their “Fetch From Server” - what does that button even work with???

Flight Plans can be saved/exported now from the World Map as an XML file readable by any application that can import XML files.

I want better than than as my post says. Many APPs require it to be SAVED then to OPEN but this uses the ingame send to the Explorer Browser which needs focus to that window and has fooled many that the game froze due to seeing in Task Manager “MSFS is Unresponsive”.
I want far much easier INTEGRATION via sending the FP via 1 BUTTON to any APP which is opened. I think you did not read the post. Read what I said about SKYPARK which is active to see any SAVES and it does already then load automatically. The ■■■■ part of that is using the Explorer Window outside of the Game Window which can hide that window.

I’m not sure why “MSFS is unresponsive.” MSFS maybe waiting for something external to it and blocks everything else.

Regarding flight plans, I think there are APIs in the SDK that any application can use to pull the active flight plan from MSFS. I’ve been using an app that plots the current GPS flight plan along with the current flight plan. It is up to each application to use the API to retrieve MSFS information for processing. A keybinding isn’t needed in MSFS to initiate transmitting flight plan info to an external app because the info is always available to external applications.

That does seem to available yes although SKYPARK only finds it once a SAVE PLN is made, which will show “Unresponsive” in Task Manager due to the Game not the Active Window due to it accessing Explorer Browser (the Windows File Manager). This just causes confusion to many just like some are Loading the Game in Windowed Mode but it hides the progress bar and can often take up to 10mins to Load if there are added Planes to read for first time. Also if there is a Game Update you can not click on “Continue” to install them unless you use Fullscreen Mode which you should use to keep performance steady over time. Except, we need to switch Windows very often due to lack of what I ask for - this API SDK needs to be utilised. Latest A32NX; CRJ; TBM930 WW G3000 Mod, all use either Simbrief or Navigraph but nothing stock does. Then again it should work in reverse to get into Career APPs too - I have not tried in Simbrief but they all mostly require yet again to SAVE then LOAD. It’s all not very integrated yet.