Make hatswitch pan smoothly like xplane?

any way to make the hatswitch pan around smoothly like xplane? I know you can right mouse click and drag. thanks

I’ve solved this problem with my hat switch on the Honeycomb yoke, by remapping the switch to camera axis instead of viewpoint (if that makes sense). I’m not at my sim, or I’d look up the actual settings and tell you what they are.

Try this:



I never used xplane, but the hatswitch on my controllers pans just as smoothly as the right click on the mouse. Had to turn down sensitivity and I also believe there is a momentum setting somewhere.

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I initially had mine set up as the video shows but switched back to camera view. In the panning mode, I was finding a slight lag using the hat that doesn’t exist with the mouse. (Not hardware because it works perfect in FSX). I’m using TrackIR and that pans perfect too. It’s just the hat that seems… not perfectly fluid.

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Thanks for your replies. Will watch the video. Im using a cheap logitech 3D pro joystick so miles may vary.

Excellent this worked perfectly thanks JimSim831

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Thanks a lot to JimSim831, it worked as well for me.

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