Make liverie as New aircraft in hangar?


Is there a way to make a liverie to show as a separate aircraft in The hangar, when Making it as a liverie folder dirrct for community?

If I put The “liverie” folder in The aircraft folder with a New aircraft name, and just give The liverie a different ui name (if i remember corectly?) in the aircraft. cfg, and then binds it trough The original layout.cfg it shows as separate aircraft.
But if I make it as a liverie comunnity folder with its own layout.cfg, i cant find a way to not have it as a liverie under The original aircraft in The hangar?
It might not bee possible, but i have to ask :slight_smile:

Hope my question make sence, Hard to explain but, reason for asking is that a community liverie folder is easier to handle and Instal (just drag and drop) Also to share if it comes to that. As you dont have to Edit any .cfg files and such when just puttning a complete community liverie in … :sweat_smile:

I understood everything up to your last paragraph. It sounded like you wanted an aircraft livery to show up as a different aircraft in the aircraft selection menu, instead of a livery of its parent aircraft.

But then you said you wanted to create a livery as a drag and drop folder, which is a totally different subject.

I haven’t tried the first, but, it sounds like you’ve gotten it to work by changing the aircraft type name (which I used to do all the time in FSX).

As far as drag and drop, yes, you can make a drag and drop livery so you don’t have to edit the aircraft.cfg of the original aircraft. You can even do it for encrypted aircraft.

There are plenty of examples of drag and drop liveries. I’d just copy one of those and edit the aircraft.cfg in it to match your needs. It would take me longer to explain all the steps than it would be for you to just follow that process.

Thanks for reply.

Yes, sorry about that. Im not sure how to explain either… but ill try to explain.

If I create a drag and drop folder for the community folder (The easiest way for future install, and for other to use if it comes to that) i have to putt all, or at least The most original aircraft files in that folder to make it work as a separat aircraft for what i know now, it would bee ok for just me, but then i cant share The liveries to others Do to copyright and so on, as those “liveries” would be The while aircraft…
It allso creates problem if The original aircraft is updated for example, i then have to go trough The different folder to get all liveries (or aircraft) uppdated…

If I make a drag and drop “liverie folder” for the communitity, i can just put in The edited liverie texture Files and “link” The nesesary CFGs via fallback comands, to The original aircraft folder…

Hey, you know what, as I wrote that i Came to think, that it has to be possible even if i create a whole “aircraft folder” Also, to just link The CFGs? :thinking: :sweat_smile:
Now Im feeling a bit stupid… I have to try that.
Sorry for my waffle, its late here… :wink:

More explanation about why i complicate things… Im planing of create a whole liverie pack for one aircraft, and I would like them to show as separate aircraft just so there isnt so many liveries to scroll trough in The original aircraft, and so that The “New” aircraft would show as an own variant …

I think you’re making it more complicated than it needs to be. Maybe not.

Why make it a separate aircraft in the first place?

If you want it to be first in line in the list of available liveries, just put an 01_ at the start of the airplane directory name inside of the SimObjects\Airplanes directory, so that it’s alphabetically first. Also, make sure you make that directory name unique in other ways, too, since, if you use the same name as is used in the default plane, you’ll cause VFS (Virtual File System) issues.

There shouldn’t be any need to copy all the liveries from the original plane into your livery package.

Toy’re right. It might be more complicated in my head, than it needs to be.

But the only way ill manage to get it the way i was planing, was to simpmply copy The original aircraft, remove all other textures then the ones i want, and some Editing to CFGs…
I cant share it like that for once, and second would be The problem if/when uppdates is.

There is about 12-20 different liveries i wanted to make for that aircraft, (a series of Airforce liveries, each with their own storie), so Do to the amount of liveries (as there are more in my hangar then the ones im planing to make) i wanted to seperate them into a few different aircrafts in my hangar, with a smaler amunt of liveries under each. :slight_smile:

Another question poped (pooped? :thinking:) up.

Is there any “quick guide” to what codes/comands that can be used, and what they’ll Do, in .cfg files for example?